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Video Production Israel

We create video content for brands anywhere in Israel.

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Top brands turn to us
to deliver their productions.

We’re not your typical production company. From publicly traded enterprises to independent businesses and non-profits, we have a solution for everybody.

What makes us special?

Attention to detail.

Our ability to accomplish/complete a project while demonstrating a through concern for all the areas involved, no matter how small.

Modular teams.

Our team can grow or shrink depending on project requirements. We're able to deliver big and small projects according to your specs.

Clear pricing.

We constantly standardizing our services, and our pricing model, to ensure you know upfront how much a project is going to cost.

Start creating professional videos for your brand right away.

By selecting from our pre-priced video content types.

Customer Story

Grab the attention of your audience in a meaningful way with relatable customer stories. Capture your story through interviews and on-location footage. Price ILS ₪4,497-₪22,703.

Project Update / Portfolio

Grab the attention of your audience in a meaningful way with relatable customer stories. Capture your story through interviews and on-location footage. Price ILS ₪4,497-₪22,703.

Non-profit Fundraiser

Shape perception and go from a commodity in the mind of your donors into an indispensable cause that must be prioritized. Capture your story through interviews and on-location footage. Price ILS ₪4,159- ₪22,759.

Product Demo

Clearly communicate how your product works by showing it in action. Capture your product demo with a combination of hero product shots and other footage. Price ILS ₪4,112-₪29,936.

Book Promo

Clearly communicate your book's features and why people should adopt it in their curriculum. Capture your book promo with a combination of interviews, visuals and other footage. Price ILS ₪4,112-₪9,936.

Case Study

Use interviews and on-location footage to show how your product is being used by a customer.Price ILS ₪4,297-₪19,703.


Use on-location footage to show how your facilities. Price ILS ₪7,297-₪29,703.

Youtube Ad

We create compelling YouTube video ads using original content made specifically for social and mobile platforms. Price ILS ₪4,384-₪28,876.

TV & Film Content

We help international media outlets obtain custom footage from Israel - remotely. Shoot videos anywhere in Israel. Includes project management. Price ILS ₪3,331-₪18,281.

Event & Livestream

Capture the atmosphere and every key moment in your events with event videos. From corporate events to music festivals, we can shoot and broadcast event videos anywhere in Israel. Price ILS ₪5,076-₪31,100.

Our in-house video production services

We provide any part of the video production process.

videographer-operator-with-professional-digital-ca-JL74N4B (1) 1 (1)

Standard Shoot -Videographer in Israel

A full-day on-location shoot anywhere in Israel, directed and managed by a professional camera operator. Shoot videos anywhere in Israel. Includes project planning and management. Price ILS ₪2,231-₪18,281.


Studio Shoot -Videography in Israel

A professional videographer will capture the perfect video from our studio with on-screen talent to narrate and tell your brand’s story. Price ILS ₪3,676-₪28,810.

videographer-in-home-office-AS9E3D9 (1) 1 (1)

Standard Video Edit

Refresh your existing video content with the help of a professional editor, Includes project management, voiceover and royalty-free music. Price ILS ₪2,281-₪13,047.


Complex Video Edit

The complete solution for brands looking to transform their existing content with the help of a professional editor and a creative director. Includes creative development, voiceover and royalty-free music. Price ILS ₪2,694-₪28,075.

camera-at-press-conference-Q52A3EW (1) 1 (1)

Live Broadcasting

Achieve authenticity and real-time engagement with our on-location and in-studio livestream solutions. From small-sized panel discussions to large-scale product launch events and global conferences. Price ILS ₪2,649-₪33,666.

We Love
Exceeding Your Expectations

And our customers have noticed that, and have something to say about it:

"Thank you so very much for the footage, and for your communication throughout. You have been a fantastic help and your efforts are hugely appreciated!"
Sophie Burton, Assistant Producer, Mysteries of the Deep 2, Discovery Channel UK
"Moshe was filming our office in team a whole day for a recruitment movie. The experience was pleasant and natural. Moshe was very kind, and the outcome was great!"
Inbal Rosenshtock, Manager,
"They have an eye for detail, light, and emotion. They create nuanced films, and are extremely talented. They care about creating the video their client is looking for and work hard to make your vision a reality."

Shira Lankin Sheps, Admin,

"Moshe does a great job. He is very professional, cooperative and works with us to deliver a great product. Highly recommended!"
Tefila Buxbaum, Admin,

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