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Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to our FAQs.

  • What if I want a video project that is more customised?

    If our pre-packaged video products aren’t the right fit, you can create a custom project. A Producer will be in touch to find out more about your requirements and how we can tailor our services to suit.

  • What if I require only video shooting or only video editing?

    No problem. We offer video shooting and video editing as separate services. Check out our full range of production solutions.

  • Which areas in Israel does icyMedia currently offer services in?

    With a team of creators spanning from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and from Haifa to Eilat, we can help with video creation in the most remote parts of Israel.

  • Can icyMedia help with the tracking and analytics of my video after creation?

    Absolutely. We are marketing partners with the major distribution platforms - Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Check out our marketing partner integration products to understand how we can help measure the success of your video.